North-East Scotland Regional Webinar – “Stop Suicide: How to Support Someone in Distress”

Join Kate Beed in the next BSLM public regional meeting, exploring how to stop suicide and support someone in distress

Join us for a talk on the 18th of January presented by Kate Beed to learn more about how to support people who may be in distress. This talk will be open for everyone so if this topic interests you, feel free to come along. A summary of the talk can be found below:

“After tragically losing her sister to suicide six years ago, Kate was determined to understand more about how we can spot the signs that someone is struggling and what to do to help that person inn the moment. Kate now works for CPSL Mind, training people in the local community, including GPs and nurses, on how to support someone who is experiencing suicidal thoughts.”

If this interests you, click here to register

More Events:

7.00pm, 6th Dec, 2023 - 8.00pm, 6th Dec, 2023

Online Zoom Webinar

PHBP Webinar – Improving Access to Lifestyle Medicine for People with Learning Disabilities

Join PBHP with Jodie Winkler to find out how we can improve access to lifestyle medicine for people with learning disabilities!

10.00am, 14th Dec, 2023 - 12.30am, 14th Dec, 2023

Online Event

Swim England – Health & Wellbeing Learn and Share Network Event (Virtual)

BSLM Aligned Organisation Swim England will be hosting their next Health & Wellbeing Learn and Share Network Event (virtual) to be held on Thurs 14th December, 10 am -12.30 pm. This is aimed primarily at Water Wellbeing accredited pool operators across the Country who are working to be more accessible, inclusive and welcoming to people with long-term conditions. Please contact if you would like to be sent an invite to the event.

4.00pm, 18th Jan, 2024 - 5.30pm, 18th Jan, 2024

Online Zoom Event

Greengross A4D Global Arts for Brain Health Changemakers Conversation – Rare Dementia’s

Hear how inspirational people use creativity and learning to override symptoms of a rare dementia, preserve and advance active life.

7.00pm, 18th Jan, 2024 - 8.00pm, 18th Jan, 2024

Online Zoom Webinar

PBHP Webinar – Plant-Based Diets, Mortality and Major Chronic Diseases

This presentation will focus on the importance of plant-based diet quality in the form of higher intakes of healthy plant foods and lower intakes of unhealthy plant foods to lower the risk of mortality and major chronic diseases.