The Future of Healthcare is Lifestyle Medicine

Digital modular course provided by online CPD provider Inspired Medics based on its signature conference "The Future of Healthcare is Lifestyle Medicine."

Who is the course provided by?

This digital modular course is delivered by Inspired Medics which delivers CPD events for GPs. Inspired Medics mission is to provide medics with education which helps to inspire, motivate and connect like-minded people – and to help GPs feel more fulfilled in their career. Its courses are aimed at GPs who want to use Lifestyle Medicine in their consultations, to help patients with chronic disease.

What is it?

Lifestyle Medicine for Clinicians is the digital modular course based on Inspired Medics’ signature conference “The Future of Healthcare is Lifestyle Medicine.” The modules have been designed to give a comprehensive understanding of Lifestyle Medicine education.

What will I gain from doing this course?

  • An understanding of the importance of Lifestyle Medicine which will enhance your career and job satisfaction
  • Ability to practice evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine interventions with your patients, your practice population and lead changes in your local health strategy
  • Better outcomes for your patients with less medication
  • Be part of the Lifestyle Medicine movement
  • Improvement in your own wellbeing
  • CPD certification in “Lifestyle Medicine for Clinicians”
  • How to steer your career towards Lifestyle Medicine

The Modules

  1. Why the Future of Healthcare is Lifestyle Medicine
  2. Understanding Evidence-Based Medicine
  3. Lipids and Cholesterol – What does the Evidence Say?
  4. Mental Health and Nutrition – The Gut-Brain Axis
  5. How can we Reverse Type 2 Diabetes in our Patients?
  6. Self-care for Clinicians: From Stressful to Stressless
  7. Stress
  8. Intermittent Fasting
  9. Sleep
  10. Meditation
  11. How to Create a Career in Lifestyle Medicine
  12. Test Your Knowledge
Includes video presentations and accompanying slides and handbooks.

This course gives 7.5 CPD credits and 12 months access. 3 hours CPD accreditation also from BSLM* and BANT (British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine).

If you could find a way to better treat your patients with fewer medications and less input from healthcare professionals AND at the same time improve your own well-being would you want to learn more? If the answer to this is a YES – then this course is for you!

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