Practical and easy to digest, CopeWell-19 is a free and evidence-based 5 day course, aimed at improving the wellbeing of healthcare workers and reducing burnout.

Watch the short video below to find out more and what makes it different to other wellbeing resources available at the moment.

Pre-Course Questionnaire

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Course Breakdown

Day 1: The Big Picture

Kurren starts by discussing some of his experiences during the pandemic and then sets the scene for the next 5 days by putting the course into context and where it sits in the bigger picture. He then gives an overview of the importance of wellbeing, what burnout really is and finally introduces our 3 core needs.

Approx ~ 20min

Day 2: Mind

In this video, Kurren shares some more insights into working life during COVID-19 and gives practical, evidence-based advice on looking after our mind. He aims to keep things relevant and realistic and has designed these tips with fellow healthcare workers in mind.

Approx ~ 13min

Day 3: Physical Body

Here Kurren goes deeper into lifestyle changes that have been proven to benefit physical wellbeing, while focusing on how we can slot them into our day to day lives practically. He also introduces Nutrition
Scientist Sophie Tully and shares her top tips for eating healthily when under stress.

Approx ~ 12min

Day 4: Emotion

After sharing more insights and case studies during his COVID-19 experience, Kurren reveals his evidence-based coping strategies and how he’s been managing the difficult times. He also introduces positive
psychology and gives us another wellbeing booster to improve our mood.

Approx ~ 16min

Day 5: Connection

To finish the course, Kurren emphasises the importance of social connection and how it can be maintained during physical distancing. We also learn about the three types of support that can help us during this
difficult time.

Approx ~ 14min

Post-Course Questionnaire

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