BSLM partners with Low Carb Food Company

The British Society of Lifestyle Medicine has welcomed the Low Carb Food Company into its family of aligned organisations.

Based in north Wales, the Low Carb Food Company provides an online one stop shop of goods and services for people following low carb and ketogenetic diets.

Adoption of a low carb lifestyle has been demonstrated to have proven health benefits for those with type 2 diabetes and other chronic conditions by promoting a healthy way to lose weight.

The British Society of Lifestyle Medicine supports and encourages a range of dietary approaches to improve long-term health which are supported by appropriate scientific evidence.

Dr Rob Lawson, chairman of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine said: “For those suffering from some long-term chronic health conditions there is encouraging evidence that a healthy carb reduction programme can offer people a route to remission. It’s part of a suite of dietary approaches which BSLM is pleased to encourage.

“We are delighted to welcome the Low Carb Food Company into the BSLM fold. The promotion of healthier eating and the avoidance of processed foods is central to the lifestyle medicine approach – and it’s important we partner with a range of organisations which share our values and objectives.”

Eryl Vaughan, Managing Director of the Low Carb Food Company said: “The Low Carb Food Company is delighted to team up with BSLM and its forward-thinking health professionals. We are keen to work with BSLM to bring into the mainstream the benefits of low carb diets as a first defence against the ravages of chronic disease and as a natural weight management lifestyle.’”