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    Random thoughts, some science, and the latest research.

    Humans are without a doubt the most consciously powerful species on Earth. We have found methods to manipulate our lifespan and rapidly expand our population, we have domesticated animals for our own benefit, and we are a dominant influence on the world’s ecology.

    This link says it all. Let’s work at the environmental and cultural elements which will bring us healthy longevity. Incidentally, a local charity in East Lothian wants to get actively Read More

    Major depression is the second leading cause of disability worldwide, and is a significant contributor to suicide and heart disease. Therefore it is imperative that we strive to find new Read More

    I recently came across the interesting concept of sustainable healthcare. The NHS is the largest single emitter of greenhouse gases in the public sector, and contributes 25% of all public Read More

    Here in the UK we suddenly have two elections (maybe even a third in Scotland) coming up. Local and now UK. And who knows maybe another Independence referendum (aka neverendum). Read More

    Kent, Inner Mongolia and Calgary of course! It also happens to be the point at which, heading northwards in the winter months, no Vitamin D is produced from sunlight when it hits our skin.

    “Loneliness is a killer – a solitary problem”. The words of the song sung by Seal. Most people assume Lifestyle Medicine is about what we eat and how active we are. It is but it there are greater issues, social issues, which predict our health.

    Intimate kissing leads to 80 million bacteria being exchanged within 10 seconds. We all have our unique bacterial signal. The interest in our microbiome is rising – treating bowel disorders, Read More

    If selling products based on patient (person) outcomes is the goal then who would gainsay it? With Pharmaceutical companies, the NHS and the AGA companies (Amazon, Google, Apple) all pushing into this field I guess we all have to be aware.

    Either way it is painfully miserable! How many of us have suffered migraines I wonder. My wife gets lots whereas I have had two in my entire life. I’ll bet you know people who ‘take’ migraines.


    The Science and Art of Healthy Longevity • 1 July 2017 • Bristol