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    The World Cancer Research Fund, Cancer Research UK and The National Institute of Health of the USA all estimate, based on the available scientific data, that about 50% of cancers Read More

    It’s hard these days to dine in a group without declaring your dietary orientation. You might be: a carnivore, a simple vegetarian (and who’s that basic these days?), a lacto, ovo-lacto, or pesco vegetarian, a flexitarian, or (a vanishing species), an omnivore…

    When it comes to eating well, we not only have to consider our own health, but the health of our planet. I have to admit, I was a little hesitant to write about this topic as I am not an expert in environmental and agricultural affairs but I have done extensive research…

    At face value, this seems reasonable: ‘Eat that donut and you have to walk a km to make up for it!’ But an understanding of the complexities of bio-energetics shows how far it is off the mark. Couple this with the requirements for successful health promotion and you can see the trouble we have with prescription compliance in lifestyle-associated activities.

    Movement and fitness have become optional extras for modern humans. Most of us now spend the majority of our lives sitting for prolonged periods – at our desks, in our cars, on our sofas.

    Greed: Good or bad? Gordon Gekko or St Thomas Aquinas? It should be a simple question. But is it? And what does this have to do with health?

    Are you eating your medicine? If not, perhaps you need a visit to The Doctor’s Kitchen. On Monday 4th December, Dr Rupy Aujla – author of The Doctor’s Kitchen (pictured Read More

    As health professionals, we are always trying to treat the patient in front of us. With the input of lifestyle medicine, we are being encouraged to treat the ‘whole patient’ Read More

    Experts are great. They can tell you all manner of things about their area of specialism. They are especially good at telling you about stuff you’ve never even heard of. Read More

    We all know exercise is good for us – it increases fitness levels, assists with weight loss, reduces blood pressure and decreases our chance of strokes, heart attacks and premature death. Being fit also makes us feel good.


    23 June 2018 • Edinburgh