Public Health Collaboration Annual Conference 2017

Barbara Phipps Posted by Barbara Phipps on 19 Jun 2017 / Comments

I have just been to the Public Health Collaboration annual conference in Manchester. Unfortunately I was only able to make it to the second day of what was a weekend packed with inspirational speakers promoting the key message of improving health through a “Real Food” approach to eating.

As an NHS GP myself I was particularly impressed by the presentations of Dr David Unwin and Dr Kesar Sadhra. Both these GPs have collated excellent evidence on the benefits of a ”low carb healthy fat diet” for the management of type 2 diabetes in their practice population. They have demonstrated that such an approach, can have significant, consistent, reproducible results in terms of improvements in HBA1C, blood pressure, weight loss, lipid profile and patient wellbeing. They are also demonstrating that their results are sustainable in the long term which is truly exciting. Other notable speakers included Dr Malcolm Kendrick (who we are very pleased is also coming to our own ">inaugural conference in Bristol), Dr Zoe Harcombe, Dr Aseem Malhotra and Dr Andreas Eenfeldt (aka the Diet Doctor) to name but a few. The conference was superbly organised by Sam Feltham who we are also delighted will be joining us Bristol.

Unlike many medical conferences this was one filled with hope and aspiration and the feeling that now is the time to change the way that we practise medicine and manage patient care. We should focus on promoting health and help patients (and ourselves) to make the positive lifestyle changes that will make the most beneficial impact to health.

Lifestyle, as we know, is key.

Come and join us in Bristol on 1st July for another truly positive conference focusing on the benefits of Lifestyle Medicine!