Aberdeen Festival of Health & Wellbeing
Flying the flag for BSLM

Julie Gray Posted by Julie Gray on 31 Jan 2020 / Comments

Aberdeen BSLM was excited to fly the flag at the Health and Wellness Festival held at the Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen in January. The first of its kind in the North east of Scotland, it was a huge success!

Credit indeed goes to the two proactive girls, local GP Dr Emma Windle and local solicitor Sarah Stewart, who had a vision and pulled together such a large-scale event in a city that has been slow to bite onto the Lifestyle Medicine concept. They secured a fantastic and accessible venue to host the 50 stalls, several workshops and three prominent speakers.

These included our own BSLM Regional Director and TV personality Dr Zoe Williams and the inspirational ‘SAS Who Dares Wins’ winner and consultant orthopaedic surgeon Louise Mculloch. Both delivered informative and motivating fully-booked lectures. 

Armed with balloons, flyers and 150 pieces of fruit to offer out for free, Dr Adaeze Ifezulike and myself set up camp for the day amongst an array of reputable local and national organisations, resources and companies. These ranged from mental health resources, healthy food businesses, PT and exercise organisations, sleep and lifestyle coaches, to large companies such as Park Run.

The appetite for this event from the local population was incredible! Our expectations were for low footfall at our stall given that we were perhaps of interest only to healthcare professionals. How wrong we were! It was also a pleasant surprise that we were positively received by the general public. They were excited, impressed and hopeful in hearing about the existence of the BSLM in the face of an NHS under immense pressure due to the crippling effects of lifestyle-related and chronic disease.  

We have since been approached by various other local organisations to deliver talks to them. Hopefully, given the number of leaflets given out, we have also aided the sign up of a few more members.

Thanks goes to medical students and Lifestyle Medicine enthusiasts Nicole and Chris who joined us for most of the day, allowing us to take breaks!

Dr Julie Gray, BSLM Regional Director NE Scotland