National Union of Lifestyle Medicine Students relaunch
A new brand and a new team

Abraham Ellahi Bashir Posted by Abraham Ellahi Bashir on 15 Feb 2020 / Comments

I know things have been quiet since I took over the presidency of the National Undergraduate LM Society, but our new team has been working hard behind the scenes to make our new vision for NULMS a reality.

Over the last six months we have had the opportunity to reflect on the NULMS and how we fit into the Lifestyle Medicine landscape.

We wanted to also ensure that we integrated more into the BSLM family and as such have re-vamped our branding to reflect this.

Moving forward our aim is to produce relatable student-focused content in a much more approachable manner. Our aim is to create a dialogue around lifestyle medicine and what it means to us students. We are not experts and nor do we claim to be. We are a group of students who are passionate about lifestyle medicine and want to aid others in navigating through the often confusing landscape.

We will be introducing our new team shortly and can’t wait to share with you everything we have been working on! In the meantime we would very much appreciate if you could follow and share our pages on social media to help us reach as many people as possible.




If you have any suggestions/comments/feedback then please do contact us on our new email address: 

Abe Ellahi Bashir, NULMS President and BSLM Undergraduate Director