Join us for the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine fourth annual conference

24 Jun to Jun. 26 2020 London, UK

Join us for BSLM2020 at the Oval in London from June 24th-26th 2020.

British Society of Lifestyle Medicine’s fourth annual conference promises to be bigger and better than ever.

There’s never been a more important time for Lifestyle Medicine - which is fast gaining widespread acceptance as an evidence-informed and mainstream solution to non-communicable disease.

And as our movement in the UK gains momentum, BSLM2020 is a great opportunity to get together and be part of that change.

Reserve and book your tickets for BSLM2020

Tickets for BSLM2020 will be on sale soon. In the meantime please email us via to express your interest and reserve tickets.

Who will be there?

At BSLM2020 you’ll hear from leading figures from the world of Lifestyle Medicine and get the latest scientific evidence and thinking.

The conference brings together practitioners, public health professionals, educators and researchers with a shared interest in Lifestyle Medicine and its role in tackling chronic lifestyle-related illness.

Over three days we will be celebrating the art and science of healthy longevity with speakers drawn from a broad range of medical disciplines and schools of thought.

Experts in exercise and physical activity, mental heath, diet and nutrition, sleep and many other topics will be sharing their knowledge and experience.

As well as talks and presentations, there will be a range of workshops and activities to help you learn more about Lifestyle Medicine and its potential. Conference also provides wonderful opportunities to network with other health professionals and to engage in constructive and open discussion and debate. And above it all it promises to be fun and enjoyable!

Lifestyle Medicine diplomate students

For those of you studying for the Lifestyle Medicine Diplomate exam with BSLM, attendance at conference is a critical element of your study. Joining us at BSLM2019 means you’ll clock up the 10 hours of in person learning which is essential to completing the course.

For more information about obtaining Certification in Lifestyle Medicine via BSLM visit:

BSLM2019 conference video