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    The Undergraduate Lifestyle Medicine Society (ULMS)

    “Prevent disease and optimise health. Medicine to make us better.” 

    ULMS is an undergraduate society which aims to establish Lifestyle Medicine as central to health and wellbeing by promoting the prevention of avoidable lifestyle-related diseases.

    We focus on the wider factors that have large influences upon health and disease, such as exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress and community. By identifying and optimising these factors, we aim to prevent chronic disease and optimise health.

    We at ULMS believe that Lifestyle Medicine should have a greater presence in the medical curricula of medical schools. We hope to increase the recognition of Lifestyle Medicine amongst healthcare focussed undergraduates via a number of means:

    Build a network: To connect likeminded students with each other and provide opportunities to engage with established clinicians, academics and thought leaders. Like our page on Facebook and join our Facebook group

    Educate: We post regular content on our Facebook page, from blogs and videos to recent scientific literature. We plan to develop a student led “LM Highlights newsletter”, and we are aiming to integrate LM into the undergraduate curricula at universities around the country. We’re excited to explore the use of webinars to host international talks – get involved on Facebook to stay abreast of further developments. 

    Promote research: We want students to run their own analyses of papers, perform QIPs and Audits that are LM focussed – to be published, to be presented, and to help LM gain traction within healthcare! 

    Collaborate: We want to have ULMS groups at every healthcare school in the UK. We are also keen to collaborate with other societies and organisations – being affiliated with BSLM, the Obesity Action Campaign, USEMS and Nutritank.


    We are very excited to see how Lifestyle Medicine progresses within the Undergraduate Community. Send us a message to us on Facebook, get involved with our Facebook discussion group, or send us an email.