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    Excuse my longer than expected silence – a trip to Australia in its autumn is the feeble reason. And meeting up with our friends in the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

    Such trips allow time to wander and people watch. When travelling on public transport or sitting in public places almost everyone I observed was head down and staring at small screens with wires extending into their ears. The unintended consequences include bumping into things, tripping over uneven pavements, getting digital strain injury, paroxysmal laughter, singing loudly — even walking into lamp posts. Communication and engagement with the immediate surroundings is relegated to a sixth sense. There is another consequence as described in this article — what can be called technical pathology. So undoubted benefits — but also less obvious harms?

    A personal view: Rob Lawson

    • Unfortunately, this is the age that we live in. No longer do we seem to crave that unique rapport that we get when talking to another person face to face. It’s precisely the reason why I ensure my kids use pen and paper, as well as real books to read. If they want to speak to their friends, they speak face to face. Leave the technology to schools and the workplace, I say!

    • Helen Turner

      I specifically still have a ‘pay as you go’ phone as this stops me from being on my phone when walking around the streets of Amsterdam. I have wifi connection at home and work and can answer and make phone calls if absolutely necessary, otherwise I’m too busy snooping in people’s houses as I walk by….