Sound Living: The BSLM Podcast

I am delighted to announce the launch of our brand new podcast! Available for download now.
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Who presents and produces the podcast?
The podcast is voluntarily produced by me with technical support from Chris van de Konijnenburg – one of our student members, with four years experience in student radio. I’m an NHS GP based in Leeds, BSLM Regional Director for Yorkshire and a TV presenter. Over a series of episodes, I will be interviewing doctors and other health experts from around the world, including our very own members.

Who is the podcast for?
The podcast is aimed at the general public and lifestyle medicine enthusiasts. We recognise that the internet is swamped with the latest health trends and confusing information; Sound Living is dedicated to providing reliable information based on facts and research, in an interesting and easily digestible format.

The podcast also provides clinicians and health care professionals with a) an evidence based resources to share with their patients and b) a great learning and revision tool for themselves.

What topics does the podcast cover?
Sound Living is based around the pillars of lifestyle medicine and covers the different areas of the Lifestyle Medicine Diploma curriculum including nutrition, physical activity, sleep and stress; addressing the listeners health and wellbeing needs and inspiring them to take action! Starting with a focus on how you can stay physically and mentally well, during lockdown and as lockdown eases, adjusting to a new way of life and the “new normal”.

In the first episode I’m joined by Dr Rob Lawson cofounder of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine. In this episode, Rob explains why he founded the BSLM and why our lifestyle is more important now than ever. He also explains what lifestyle medicine actually is, what group consultations are, and how small changes can have a big impact on our health.

The second episode is on Pregnancy. GP and BSLM Regional Director Dr Julie Gray is currently 35 weeks pregnant. I’ve been bringing up a new-born baby in lockdown. Together we share our experience as mums and explore: the benefits of exercise in pregnancy and what precautions to take; how to maintain good emotional wellbeing and mental health during pregnancy; and practical tips to improve sleep both during and outside of pregnancy.

How can you listen to the podcast?

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Keep safe and stay well everyone.

Dr Helen Lawal