Call For Abstracts

BSLM is inviting submissions for poster presentation abstracts that represent original, important or relevant science, research, clinical application (including service improvement or audit projects) or public health work providing evidence supporting lifestyle medicine in clinical practice. While many of these will represent success stories, critical discussion of methodological strength and weaknesses will be key and important negative studies will also be eligible for both presentation and prizes.


Please see section below entitled 'Instructions for submission of abstracts' for details of how to submit your abstract.

Key dates

Abstract submission deadline (poster presentations): Closes 26 June 2020

Who should apply?

  • Scientists and researchers
  • Undergraduate students from all disciplines relevant to lifestyle medicine
  • Post-graduate students and research fellows
  • Medical practitioners
  • Other healthcare practitioners
  • Public health professionals

About the submission process

The call for abstracts is a competitive process. Abstracts received will be de-identified before being assessed and ranked against selection criteria drawn up by the Science & Research Committee including:

  • The extent to which the content relates to the themes of lifestyle medicine
  • The extent to which the abstract represents new, original, innovative or important research
  • The scientific, academic and/or clinical rigour of the work

Successful applicants will be offered the opportunity to present a poster online during BSLM's first ever virtual conference in summer 2020. For details of the virtual conference head to Future meetings may allow oral presentation of high-quality abstracts. Please let us know if you desire this option.

We will be making sure those attending our virtual conference will be given opportunities to discuss your posters and ask questions online during and after the conference. Poster presenters are asked to stand near their posters during allocated poster viewing times during the day to discuss with, and answer questions from, delegates. On receiving notification of acceptance, poster presenters must register to attend the virtual conference. This is a condition of acceptance. Posters must be presented online by one of the listed authors. Submission of an abstract or other work confers permission to publish it in the official conference proceedings book.


The following two awards will be presented during the closing plenary session of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine 2020 virtual conference.
1. Best Poster Presentation – for the best poster presentation (with a 10 min oral plenary)
2. Student Scholarships – for the highest quality submissions by qualifying students (see below)

Instructions for preparation of posters

Posters will generally be A0 in size (841mm x 1189mm), not larger, in landscape format, and follow the usual guidelines for scientific posters available from most academic institutions, however some flexibility is available. Posters are usually printed in full-colour, can be printed on paper or fabric, can be laminated and will be fixed to the display board by hook and loop ‘velcro’ fasteners. Poster presenters should bring the poster to the conference venue with them and will be advised the time and date by which posters should be displayed.

Instructions for submission of abstracts

To be considered as poster presenter for British Society of Lifestyle Medicine 2020, please submit your abstract, along with the Submission Form, to Please note that all abstract submissions must be accompanied by the official Submission Form. Incomplete or incorrect submissions will be returned.

Download the official submission form

Format specifications for abstract submissions.

  • Please submit abstracts in a word document
  • Use a common sans serif font such as Arial
  • Title of abstract: 14pt bold capitals
  • Authors: 11pt sentence case. List family name, initials. If more than one author, underline the presenting author and use superscripted numerals to refer to author affiliations.
  • Author affiliations: 11pt, sentence case, italics. List affiliation, city and country. If more than one author, use numerals to refer to author superscripted numerals.
  • Abstract body: 11pt, sentence case, 300 words maximum not including references, generally with sections in the following order: Background, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions.
  • References: 9pt, sentence case. List up to five references in order of mention in the text using superscripted numbers.
  • Insert one blank line after Title, Authors, Author affiliations and Abstract body. Do not insert any other blank lines.

Conditions of acceptance.

  • All abstracts must be presented by one of the listed abstract authors.
  • Any costs of presenting (including conference registration) are the responsibility of the presenter, except where a student scholarship may cover certain costs.
  • Submission of an abstract confers permission to publish it in the official conference app.
  • Poster presenters are required to provide the poster to BSLM for presenting online and will be advised of the time and date by which posters should be submitted.
  • Poster presenters are asked to make themselves available to discuss detail of their poster with delegates.
  • On receiving notification of acceptance, poster presenters must register to attend the BSLM virtual conference.


For the first time, a number of Student Scholarships are available to eligible undergraduate and postgraduate students to receive a complimentary registration to the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine 2020. This means you will be able to attend the BSLM2020 virtual conference free of charge and will enjoy membership of BSLM free for an additional year. The winners will be notified in advance and if already registered for the meeting will be reimbursed.

Eligible applicants include medical & nursing students, GP/hospital registrars, science and research students, public health students, and students of allied health disciplines.

Students wishing to be considered for a Student Scholarship are required to submit an abstract and/or original piece of work (between 1500 – 2500 words) to the Conference committee, recognising that the longer format gives a greater opportunity to express your ideas or share data and discuss the methodical strengths and weaknesses of the study. Suitable original pieces include articles, case studies or discussions that address one or more of the conference themes. Please note that all applications must be accompanied by the official submission form for abstracts and scholarships. Incomplete or incorrect submissions will be returned.