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  • Author: Garry Egger

    It’s hard these days to dine in a group without declaring your dietary orientation. You might be: a carnivore, a simple vegetarian (and who’s that basic these days?), a lacto, ovo-lacto, or pesco vegetarian, a flexitarian, or (a vanishing species), an omnivore…

    At face value, this seems reasonable: ‘Eat that donut and you have to walk a km to make up for it!’ But an understanding of the complexities of bio-energetics shows how far it is off the mark. Couple this with the requirements for successful health promotion and you can see the trouble we have with prescription compliance in lifestyle-associated activities.

    Greed: Good or bad? Gordon Gekko or St Thomas Aquinas? It should be a simple question. But is it? And what does this have to do with health?


    21 to 22 June 2019 • Cardiff