Join us for our fourth annual conference ... our first ever virtual event!
Lifestyle Medicine Events
Virtual Group Consultations
09 Apr 2020
Zoom Video Calling
BSLM2020 - virtual conference
24 Jun to Jun. 26 2020
Edinburgh UK - virtual conference
6th International Summit on Medical Nutrition Education and Research
17 Jul 2020
Homerton College, University of Cambridge
European Congress for Integrative Medicine
11 Sep to Sep. 13 2020
Queen Elizabeth II Centre London UK
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Lifestyle Medicine Courses
How Not to Diet: Evidence-Based Weight Loss by Dr Michael Greger MD
29 Apr 2020
Fetal Medicine Research Institute, King's College Hospital
Why and how to prescribe plant-based diets in clinical practice
29 Apr 2020
Fetal Medicine Research Institute, King's College Hospital
Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine: an evidence based approach
28 Apr to Apr. 30 2020
Murray Learning Centre, University of Birmingham
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We are planning to hold a series of webinars on Thursday 9th April to provide an overview of Virtual Group Consultations as well as offering advice and support to clinicians around the world who want to safely and efficiently support their patients with chronic disease during the international lockdown.
An update from BSLM chairman Dr Rob Lawson on our plans to host a virtual conference in 2020
With lifestyle medicine's focus on non-communicable disease - how is it relevant during a situation like the COVID-19 pandemic? It certainly has a role to play in the current crisis - not least in terms of helping us to cope with the stresses and strains it is placing on the human body and mind ...
Conference announcement
Posted by Rob Lawson on 13 Mar 2020
Statement re BSLM annual conference in relation to Coronavirus COVID-19
Social media can be a powerful force for good in the world. At its best it connects people and enables the spread of ideas and information. At its worst it generates more heat than light and provokes division and even irrational enmity.
Ahead of our annual conference in June 2020, the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine is once again calling for members to submit poster presentation abstracts.
The Value of Swimming
Posted by Frances Elliott on 1 Feb 2020
For generations, people of all ages have benefitted from the therapeutic properties of water immersion, swimming and other forms of aquatic activity. But an in-depth piece of research from Swim England, the National Governing Body for aquatics, has made it clearer than ever that water-based activity is having a life-changing impact on society.
Skin dryness and scaliness is very common in winter. Skin is a living organ that changes with our surroundings but winter tests its resilience with drops in temperature, more wind, less sunlight, more indoor living, more central heating, and often changes in our diet.
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