The BSLM aims to establish Lifestyle Medicine as central to health and wellbeing by promoting the prevention of avoidable lifestyle-related diseases.
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Yvonne van Amerongen
Posted by Malcolm Rigler on 28 Apr 2019
You can't teach an old dog new tricks, or so the old saying goes. As we grow older we may get used to listening to classical music when relaxed, or perhaps jazz. Whatever our preference, it becomes harder and harder to really enjoy music
Last year a record-breaking 168,500 people made the pledge to be vegan for the month of January – and that’s just the number of people who officially registered, so chances are many more people gave the challenge a go. Before we start, just to clarify terms, when I use the term “vegan” in the context of this blog post, I’m referring to plant-based eating i.e. a diet which excludes all animal products
The bit of the GP consultation that I love the most is the bit I rarely get time for in my surgery - health education and lifestyle medicine. A year ago I found my tribe with team BSLM and felt that I had the chance to be able to contribute, with support, to do what I became a doctor for - helping to better the health and wellbeing of my community “in sickness and in health”.
The world of lifestyle medicine is one that recognises the whole individual, their community, the environment and many interacting components. The lifestyle medicine complexity presents some significant challenges. Often in healthcare, and probably in most areas of life...
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